5 Resume Mistakes Trump and Clinton Have Made That You Can Avoid

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The presidential election season is currently upon the United States, and with it comes political gaffes. These noticeable mistakes often create unintended catchphrases, like Hillary Clinton’s comments linking baskets with Donald Trump supporters. They create easy material for nightly news programs via Gary Johnson’s inability to remember answers. They even create streams-of-consciousness so unique that…

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Get noticed and get hired: three tips to improve your resume.

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In a saturated job market it can be tough to get noticed and get hired. No matter how many times your mom told you not to judge a book by its cover, it’s still one of life’s inevitable occurrences. Luckily, by thinking of a hiring manager as someone browsing a bookstore, you can make a…

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Bookkeeping Jobs

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Newsflash: You’re applying for bookkeeping jobs that many other people are vying to land as well. Your resume will appear in a large stack of other resumes, written by people just as qualified, nice, caring and smart as you are. You must differentiate yourself from the rest of this stack of bookkeeper resumes. Let’s do…

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Walter White Resume

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Walter White Resume Preview

Walter White‘s resume, from Breaking Bad, is the first in a series of resumes for famous fictional characters. We thought it would be fun to take our skills and use them for the characters we love. That said, I’ve been thinking about what Mr. White would do with the rest of his life had things…

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How to find work: Stalking isn’t always bad

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When you’re thinking about how to find work, consider this; stalking isn’t just for crazy people. Everyone stalks. Or so we’d like to think. Exes, exes’ girlfriends, exes’ girlfriend’s new haircuts. And while there’s no stalking like the old Myspace, we continue to get new and improved platforms that make it faster, easier and a…

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How to Dress for an Interview or Work in Summer

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It’s that time of year. The sunny, sweltering few months where we take to the pool and crank up our ACs. But even though it’s hotter than the hinges of Hades out there, we still have to make our way to our offices. The summer heat can make dressing appropriately a bit tricky, especially if…

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