Dream Job – How Amy Landed the One She Wanted

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Landing your dream job is one of the best things to happen in life. You get to spend the majority of your time working on what you want with people you want to be around. We love hearing about how we play a part in our customers’ success and Amy is no exception. Read about her experience below.

“I am extremely impressed with the service, product and results I received from Loft Resumes. I used Loft Resumes when I was approached by a new company for a dream job. During my first meeting with the CEO of OncoSec Medical, he commented that my resume really stood out and matched my overall brand. People tend to forget that especially in the world of marketing and branding, if you cannot tell your own story in a visually compelling way, then how can you sell the story of the company you want to work for? As someone who has also done a lot of hiring, the amount of boring Word document resumes are just one in a stack of hundreds. A resume that enables the employer to understand your value and experience in a snapshot is crucial to opening the door to an interview. P.S. I scored my dream job. And they were very impressed by my resume.”

AMY CHAN, Director of Corporate Communications, OncoSec