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A nursing resume can be written with many different approaches and styles, all of which completely depend on your personal preference. However, there is no arguing that a strong, detailed resume will give you the competitive edge to land a nursing job in the hospital, unit, and location of your choice. So whether you have a ton of experience or barely enough, we’ve compiled a small list of nursing resume sample tips that we think you just can’t do without.

Demonstrate your abilities.

All resumes are about experience, but when it comes to a nursing resume, recruiters and hiring managers really do want to see it all, including any relevant licenses, certifications, and clinical information. From previous positions and duties, all the way down to the various tools you needed to perform them, be as detailed and specific as you can. Hospitals are making big improvements and technological advancements right now, so if you’ve used a unique software or system, make sure to mention it.

Activities and involvement are huge.

Yes, your educational background and work experience is crucial, but highlighting any involvement you have outside of your professional work, is also important, (especially when it comes to helping people). Have you volunteered at a local shelter? Did you help run a donation drive or philanthropic organization at your university? Put it down. Providing details on these activities and accomplishments shows that you will be a strong asset to their hospital staff and speaks volumes for your work ethic and character.

Don’t omit your personal qualities.

Although the nursing industry continues to grow, good positions will always be competitive. After a hiring manager has evaluated your professional experience, they look for other ways to see if you’re a good fit—and the personal information you choose to include in your nursing resume will show whether or not you are. So in addition to stating obvious work-like qualities like punctuality and organization, be sure to mention personal qualities as well. Listing positive attributes such as your compassion and genuine love for helping people, could very well be the one thing that sets you apart from the other equally qualified candidates.

Make sure your nursing resume stands out from the competition.

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