What do people think about your resume? Find out.

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Writing and designing a good resume is hard. Writing and designing a great resume can sometimes be impossible.

But, before you embark on crafting the best possible resume for yourself, don’t you want to know how good (or bad) your current resume is?

Here’s the 15 second test you can do to determine whether you’re happy with your resume.

Step 1: Print out your current resume.
Step 2: Find someone who doesn’t know you. (I’ve walked into a Starbucks and found someone who looks sophisticated, sipping on their latte)
Step 3: Ask that person to spend 15 seconds looking at your resume.
Step 4: Grab the resume back from the person in 15 seconds.
Step 5: Ask the person, “What is the one thing you remember from my resume?”
Step 6: Repeat with 2 other people.

If you’re happy with what these strangers remembered about your resume, you’re off to a great start!

If not, keep at it and you’ll surely get to a resume that tells the story of the best you.