Quick tips for the Craigslist job search

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Job searching on Craigslist? You’re not alone. In fact, with the rise of small businesses and startups, Craigslist is used now more than ever, as a cheap and easy way for companies to find local talent. And while it may have its share of crazies (with the documentaries to prove it), it is still providing an excellent resource for job seekers alike. So, aside from trusting your gut, and always keeping your bank account information far away from this website, let’s talk some more proper protocol.

Omit personal information. Duh.

Yes, this should be a no-brainer but just in case it isn’t; here you go. Always, always remember to use the ‘anonymous email’ option for contact, and only after you’ve confirmed the company name (and credibility) should you release any personal information about yourself aside from your phone number. This includes your resume. Never post it and don’t send it to anyone until you’ve verified that it’s in fact, a true and trusted contact. Remember, companies and HR personnel will always understand your concerns.

Don’t just search; post.

Yes, Craigslist is great for browsing a million and one categories and descriptions but you shouldn’t stop there, because companies may not be. Craigslist provides the option to buy and sell, so when it comes to your job search, start selling yourself. The Craigslist ‘Resumes’ section is great, not for copy-and-pasting your resume, but for posting your general knowledge and expertise in an area, as well as the position you’re in search of. There is also the ‘Services’ category and the ‘Gigs’ category, which works well for offering more specialized services. (Remember, just because you might be looking for the full-time job of your dreams, doesn’t mean you can’t take on some smaller projects in the meantime.) These sections are very popular for lessons and tutoring of any kind, as well as freelance work that can oftentimes earn you the same amount of money.

Download the app.

If you’re at all familiar with Craigslist, then you know how often things are posted. For getting rid of old furniture, this isn’t so great, but for finding jobs, it’s a huge plus. And while you may actually have the time to be watching it all day, it’s not practical and certainly not smart. Plus—there’s an app for that. With a ton of features and an easy-to-use interface, the Craigslist app allows you to add multiple cities and use a variety of filters, all in one search. You can also favorite jobs you want to go back to, create saved searches, and reply and post right from your phone.

Disclaimer: Most apps have different versions for different smartphones. The app being referred to here is the ‘c-Mobile Craigslist Classifieds’ app through iPhone.