Resume Update Tips

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Resume updates and revisions may seem like a daunting task, but we have some simple tips to help get you started. Have you seen the latest TurboTax commercials? (If not, have a good laugh and watch here.) With a few simple questions, they take the drudgery out of doing your taxes and turn it into a fun (or at least funny) look back at the past year. And updating your resume is the exact same thing! Instead of dreading the thought of proof reading that boring piece of paper one more time, get excited about all that you accomplished and did in the past year. Revamp your resume with some new skills or a new look, and get on your way to making 2015 the best year yet. So ask yourself, is it time for a resume update?

Did you move last year?
This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s often the small things that go unnoticed. If you moved to a new city or state (or even just a new street), remember to change that information when working on your resume update. It’s much easier for an employer to bring in someone who lives close by for an interview, and they won’t have to worry about the time or cost of relocating you during the hiring process.

Did you graduate last year?
Many positions require a certain degree and will usually say so in the job posting. So, whether you completed a two-year, four-year or your doctorate degree, include all of your educational information. This is also a great way to leverage your alumni network because you never know who will be reviewing your application.

Did you get promoted last year?
If you’ve worked with the same company for a long time, don’t let that shorten your resume. Be sure to list out each individual position with its respective time frame and unique responsibilities. This will demonstrate your ability to learn new skills and manage new tasks.

Did you get certified last year?
Taking the time out of your busy schedule to improve your skills and add to your professional tool kit is no meager feat. If you completed a leadership seminar, received a technical certification, or just passed the Google AdWords test, include that in your resume update along with any other areas of expertise to show your dedication and continued interest in your field.

Did you increase sales or meet a goal last year?
Give the interviewer a good idea of what to expect when they hire you. Quantitative measurements offer solid projections about their potential return on investment. So, if you increased sales by four percent or designed an entire website from scratch in one month, don’t be afraid to brag a little.

Did you get involved in your community last year?
Community involvement is much more than just filler text. Volunteering shows a variety of skills that you may not get to use at your current job, like human relations, money management and managerial skills. It’s also a great way for students who may not have a lot of professional experience to showcase their talents.

It’s easy to let your resume get outdated. We suggest setting aside time for a resume update at least twice a year. If you have any other tips or suggestions to add to this list, give us your thoughts in the comments.